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Independent Research & Collaboration

Unger & Associates Investment Management is supported by LPL Financial Research, one of the largest independent research organizations in the industry. With access to timely and detailed information and computer modeling tools, we make informed decisions on your behalf. No conflicts of interest are imposed by the constraints of proprietary products, investment banking relationships or other activities that may be inconsistent with your needs.


Unger & Associates Investment Management thoroughly analyzes the unbiased research provided by an extensive team of full-time investment professionals and selects the appropriate strategy to implement within your portfolio.


Vast technological changes have transpired in the 25 plus years I have been an investment consultant. These new technologies allow me to serve my clients with cutting edge research and provide me the resources to execute for my clients from my office in Waco, TX just as if we were on Wall Street.


Collaboration with my associates from all around the United States gives me prospective on markets from various points of view.


All of the independent Research and Collaboration allows me to provide exceptional investment management strategies to serve my clients all across the United States.


You don’t have to be in a skyscraper in New York City anymore to get best in class investment management strategies, you just have to have the right advisor with the right resources. Couple this with our client service and win/win client model and you have a winning formula. 


No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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